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Welcome to the Lancashire Assessment Centre.

The Lancashire Assessment Centre, based at Myerscough College, Preston, provides opportunities for all to obtain nationally recognised qualifications leading to enhanced career opportunities in the Land Based and Environmental sectors.

Qualifications Available:

The Centre is City & Guilds approved to deliver a wide range of N.P.T.C. qualifications which are nationally and internationally recognised as being market leaders.  The qualifications, conducted on a one-to-one basis, have been structured to assess the candidates’ practical skills, related background knowledge and understanding of health and safety issues and proceedings.


A comprehensive range of Awards covering the Safe use of Chainsaws, ancillary equipment and related operations.


Catering for individuals looking to develop a career in agriculture and horticulture and at the same time comply with legislative requirements.  Individual Awards are extensive and include Tractor Driving, Fork Lift Truck Operation, A.T.V. usage, Safe use of Pesticides and Sheep Dip, Transport of Animals as well as a diverse range of both Livestock and Crop Production skills.

Amenity Horticulture and Sports Turf Maintenance:

Aimed at promoting the skills of individuals looking to make a career in the Sports Turf and Amenity Horticulture sector.  Awards include the Safe use of Mowers, Turf Maintenance Equipment, Turf Irrigation as well as Safe use of Pesticides and Tractor Driving Assessments.

Veterinary Nursing, Small Animal Care and Equine:

Awards are designed to meet the needs of individuals planning and supervising the use of veterinary medicines and for those looking to make a career working with both small animals and in the Equine sector.

Environmental, Conservation and Game Keeping:

This important and rapidly growing industry sector is catered for by a diverse range of Awards ranging form the Safe use of Plant Protection Products, Brush cutting Operations, A.T.V. usage through to Vertebrate Pest Control.



Welcome to the Lancashire

Assessment Centre

Legislation states that recognised standards of competence are required in order to use chainsaws, undertake tree-work, apply pesticides, dip sheep and to undertake transport of animals. Contact this centre to obtain advice on how to access the relevant qualification and to keep on the right side of the law. N.P.T.C. qualifications demonstrate the fact that you have both the level of competence and degree of skill to work professionally and safely in your chosen occupation.

 Assessment process:

All candidates must be registered with Approved Centres, prior to the assessment, which is a demonstration of their practical skills in the presence of  an "independent" Assessor. Candidates will be assessed on their level of competence, underpinning knowledge and depth of understanding. At the conclusion of the assessment Candidates will be deemed " Competent" or " Not yet Competent".

The appropriate fees can be obtained by contacting the Lancashire Assessment Centre & schedules which outline the assessment process can be downloaded from           


are available in Forestry, Farming, Amenity Horticulture, Sports Turf Maintenance, Environmental & Conservation Work, Game Keeping, Equine, Veterinary Nursing & Small Animal Care. Assessments are mostly delivered on a one to one basis by Approved Assessors at a time & venue suitable to the Candidate & it is normally recommended that training be obtained prior to assessment.

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