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Tractor Driving and Related Operations

Tractors are the ‘work horses’ of the land-based industries, are extremely versatile and capable of performing a range of operations in very varied circumstances. However, they do require a high level of skill and technical expertise to operate them efficiently and safely.

The test covers the safe driving of a tractor, pre-use maintenance and safety checks and recognition of controls and instruments. It also covers trailer hitching and attaching 3-point linkage and PTO-driven attachments. There is an optional unit that covers the use of a tractor fitted with a front end loader.

Land-Based Machine Maintenance

The assessment covers a range of tasks including engine maintenance, hydraulic systems, tyre safety, battery maintenance, transmission, belt and chain maintenance, cutting mechanisms and tine maintenance. The qualification is assessed in the context of either Agricultural Machinery or Horticultural Machinery.

Safe Use of Mowers

Candidates demonstrate that they can manoeuvre the mower skilfully and safely. The test includes pre-use checks and maintenance, identification of controls and instruments and operating the machine. Assessment is conducted and the certificate endorsed in the context of the type of mower used, either pedestrian controlled, tractor mounted or self-propelled ride-on, and the type of cutting mechanism (rotary, cylinder, flail or reciprocating knife).

All Terrain Vehicle Handling

Assessment covers pre-use checks and maintenance, instrument and control

recognition and safe driving. Candidates are required to manoeuvre the vehicle on rough terrain and slopes and to reverse with a trailer. Certificates are endorsed with the type of vehicle used (either sit-astride or sit-in).

Safe Use of Hedgetrimmers A practical assessment of Hedgetrimmer operations includes pre-use checks and maintenance, identification of controls and instruments, operating the machine to trim a hedge – length side and top, or verge (including around obstacles).

The test is taken in the context of a handheld hedge trimmer, tractor mounted hedge trimmer or a tractor mounted implement used as a verge mower only.

There is also an additional unit called “Hedgerow Maintenance Principles” which can be taken on its own and is a theory assessment of the laws and environmental best practices for hedgerow maintenance.

Safe Use of Pedestrian Controlled Two Wheeled Tractors

These are machines that have interchangeable attachments for different tasks (eg cultivator, scythe mower, seed drill etc). The assessment includes pre-use checks and maintenance, identification of controls and instruments, operating the machine and changing attachments. Certificates are endorsed as Pedestrian Controlled Power Driven Cultivator or Pedestrian Controlled Machine with Working Attachments.

Safe Use of Turf Maintenance Equipment

A practical assessment of the operation of various types of turf maintenance equipment (scarifiers, aerators, slitters etc). Certificates are endorsed in the context of either pedestrian controlled or tractor mounted turf maintenance equipment.

Chain Saws